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Autistic Joy? opinionated, suicidality 


I'm 70 & #autistic. Like lots of my generation…
#bully -ed,
#abuse -ed.
#hospitalization, 3 psych wards...


Just after 2017 diagnosis, saw it in young woman's blog I never found again…

Had I EVER felt joy?

Then I stumbled on Jen White-Johnson (birdsite @jtknoxroxs) writing about her autistic child…


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Neoliberalism is a deliberate and relentless redistribution of resources from the poor to the rich, from nature to people, from people of color to whites, from men to women, or, in other words, from the weak to the powerful.

If we do not stop this process, it will continue until the last person on earth, because among any group of the strongest, there will always be one weaker, and so on, until there is no one left.

La libertad de expresión está definida en los derechos humanos.
No en la imaginación de cualquier partido político o técnico financiero.
Todes conocemos su definición, no significa liberar opresión o discriminaciones.

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Decía el economista conservador Juan Ramón Rallo que la libertad de expresión implica libertad para ofender. Esto sólo cabe en una cabeza en la que no existen categorías y estructuras desde las que ejercer poder. La idea liberal de "libertad de expresión absoluta" no existe, porque si tu permites el discurso de odio o el acoso en masa, acabas por silenciar a las personas que lo sufran. Especialmente, cuando hablamos de espacios digitales, troleo y reportes ideológicos

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Hey #queer #BIPOC #SFF poets! Anathema Magazine is seeking submissions for their all-poetry issue in December. I’ve worked with them before and they’re great.
Full eligibility definitions on the website, but open to people anywhere on the broad #LGBTQ+ spectrum who are also people of colour.

Speculative poems under 100 lines. Payment is $75 CAD.

#poetry #WritingCommunity #SpeculativePoetry


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Wind turbines kill birds.

While this is true, it misses an important piece of context:

Fossil fuel power plants kill 35x more birds per GWh than wind turbines do.

"The wider use of wind energy can save wildlife and birds as it displaces more harmful sources of electricity."

In other words, the best way to protect birds is to displace fossil fuels. #ClimateAction #EndFossilFuel


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Podemos dejar una huella positiva en nuestro entorno, más allá de cómo todo resulte ⏳

Podemos aceptar el desafío de hacerlo por convicción y por voluntad, en lugar de por culpa y por miedo 🌄

Podemos empezar hoy, aunque creamos que no tenemos suficiente que aportar. Quizás, más que estar preparades, necesitamos estar juntes 🤝

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Rouge-colored ribbons of algae ran 400 square feet across the sunny slope — Chlamydomonas nivalis, a red-pigmented green algae found in high alpine and polar regions around the globe. The algae’s striking appearance has earned it nicknames —watermelon snow — to the ominous — glacier blood. Scientists believe this algae could play a major role in melting glaciers and snowfields.
“It’s an ephemeral bloom…

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It's exhausting

But a wonderful woodland needs everything we can give

Especially when we know (because it's always discussed at hearings despite being "not a consideration" in every application) that the real reason for felling the trees is to be able to fly heavier planes over the homes of our city

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ℹ️ Confirmed: Real-time network data show an internet disruption impacting multiple countries; the incident is consistent with a subsea cable cut 📉

Where I come from in communications, the use of the word "tools" is strongly discouraged. Drop it in a press conference and your solutions will be called superficial.

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If you speak Spanish/Castilian, you will understand why I hate the International Monetary Fund so much.
The is colonialist, not even post-colonialist.
They will destroy every implementation of the of the


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Blind user looking for an avatar commission (happy to pay!) 

Hey #artists and other #art people of mastodon, I have a interesting proposition for you! :)
So I'm blind, and I would love to have a cool avatar image to represent my self here so that people don't automatically dismiss me for not having one.
I don't want to take a picture of my self for privacy reasons, but I still want something that shows people what I'm about.
So if you're into #drawing, #illustration, #sketch, #doodling, ETC, I'd love to hear from you!

Here's my prompt:
a Medium dark brown skinned slightly above average height male with black hair and a short beard and mustache, eyes closed and rest of features obscured/indistinct. Wearing dark bluejeans and a red and white striped polo shirt, and in mid tap with a long white cane with red tip. A "high frequency" waveform running down the cane, sending out rays of sound from the tip in all directions.
Background, style ETC is up to you, but I would like to keep things at least semi serious. LOL
Keep in mind that the image needs to be 400X400PX and 2MB or less. The more detail the better! :)
I will definitely need a solid description of your image before putting it on my profile, so if you aren't sure you're up to it, try the "alt4me" hashtag and see if the community can help you out. :)
Again I'm happy to pay for your time, amount and payment type negotiable. Regardless of whether or not you want to be paid however, I will be sure to credit you unless you ask me not to.
Please feel free to DM me for any clarification/suggested changes (I'm open to your ideas) or to describe to me a sample of the work.

Keep in mind that I have very little practical understanding of artistic styles, realistic limitations, the effects of light and shadow ETC. So please feel free to correct any of my nonsensical misinterpretations. :D

Thank you for you're time!

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The path to bringing you a great email experience on Android devices begins with K-9 Mail, which joined the Thunderbird family earlier this summer.

As we work towards a modern redesign of desktop Thunderbird, we’re also working to improving K-9 Mail as it begins its transition to Thunderbird mobile in Summer 2023.

Read more about today's new release of K-9 Mail on the Thunderbird blog:


#Android #Thunderbird #K9Mail #Email #FOSS #OpenSource

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Welcome to this official Fediverse instance for climate justice activists.

There is also: climatejustice.global for climatejustice groups climatejustice.photos for picture-posts

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