Bin und poste zu verschiedenen Themen. Allen voran, soziale Gerechtigkeit, Klimakrise u.v.m.
Freue mich aufs vernetzen 😁

Thought I should do an
I'm part of the since I was on there for a few weeks before getting banned. I mainly post about and the . Born at 338PPM, terrified about the future.

ich bin immer auf der Suche nach neuen Wegen die voranzutreiben.

Ansonsten mit viel Spaß mit Tochter im eigenen und beim Alltags-Radfahren bei Wind und Wetter. Supporter der VfL Frauenmannschaft.

Lokal interessiert an der von und . meta, moderation, poll 

I just for the first time had one of my moderation decisions challenged and may have liked a second opinion by another moderator. Usually cases are very clear, so I never had a need for a second moderator before.

So now I'll just leave the decision to people on (and

1) Should I get someone to join my moderation team?

2) Should this person be legitimized by an election, or should I just select someone?

3) Should this person get payed like an independent contractor or should they simply receive donations?

4) Should I try to find a BIPoC as a moderator to bring more #diversity into the team?

multiple choice #poll

Sorry for not being able to give you all available option-combinations with a limit of just 4 poll options.

FEDI WORKSHOP for beginners


A workshop for newbies to #Mastodon and/or the #Fediverse.

Okay, the tool I tried for date-finding seems to have been too complicated, so let's try the other one again.

Please vote here when you have time:

Date & time of the next workshop and a link to the call will be posted here:

Also don't forget. Today at 20:00 CET, 19:00 UTC there is a workshop in German:

Please :boost: boost. Thanks!

Hi all; I just moved servers (to Probably should do an intro, since that seems to be the thing. I'm an , instructor, and player. Also, a , , and . I'm interested in and , the , , , and .

Hi Team,
I'm a study finance and commerce down in Australia. I'm currently in a fellowship program designing local resilience focused sustainability initiatives.
I moonlight as a chef in a food charity cooking ~3k meals a week for vulnerable folk. I've been doing that for the last 2 years and absolutely love it despite the long days.

Since I am new to the forum, here it is:
I'm half biologist (MSc) and half ecologist (Master eco-counsellor) living for a few years in Argentina.
I am very interested in biodiversity and especially in the impact of its disruption (e.g. a pandemic).
I am not a specialist who can name all the species but rather a generalist, focused on transmitting information and good practices.
And how we are all interdependent on biodiversity for our health:

📢ahoi sailors⛵️, pirates🦜, geschätzte Follower:innen. Nach guten zwei Jahren auf , in denen ich viele tolle Menschen kennenlernen, mit Euch diskutieren und für streiten durfte, ist es Zeit weiterzuziehen. Denn jede Reise hat ein Ende⚓️. Jetzt geht es hier auf @klimagerecht weiter. Sehr gespannt

Hello all! I'm located in beautiful Boulder, Colorado. I have a graduate degree in Environmental Policy from CU Boulder and I love looking at the intersections of science and policy. I'm eagerly awaiting my next adventure after this election cycle!

When I'm not talking politics I love discussing video games (I've been playing a lot of Breath of the Wild lately, which actually has a strong ecology focus) and writing. I tried doing NaNoWriMo but it didn't work out this year.

Hello peeps, I've signed up here because I hope to find others interested in establishing new accounting methods which include social and ecological values beyond the "yours vs mine" paradigm of £$cash. (Accounting, estimating, rationing and record keeping are important for maintaining life support systems.)

At the moment the best "bottom line" I can find is the ratio of human development to Ecological Footprint. Seems to me this could provide a foundation;

Hi, here's an post from me on here!

I'm a practitioner and trainer based in NE London, UK, where I get to play outdoors all day, enjoy all the weather, and build up children's sense of connection with our shared planet.

I'm also studying for an in and training for ordained pioneer ministry in the - excited to see how connection with the More-Than-Human and spirituality intersect.

Today is the next fediverse workshop for beginners.

Nov. 9th 16:00 UTC

You'll find the link to the call here about one hour before the workshop.


Please :boost: so many people who are new here will see this post and join the workshop.

Hello all. I've just moved over from where I've left a couple of posts. No idea what I'm doing, tbh, except what it says in my profile.

I'm a long time energy/water/climate policy researcher and advocate, mostly focused on the Pacific coast and Western interior of the US and Canada.

Much of my current work focuses on the unfolding fiasco that is California virtue signaling about decarbonization and energy equity.

Hello! I am retired and travelling the world (apart from a 2-year hiatus caused by COVID). What was initially meant to be a glorious slow-travel learning experience has since become a somewhat desperate race to see the natural world before it disappears.
Next stop !

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