What social media platforms does the need replacements for?

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@paula ohwow. A Fediverse alternative to LinkedIn could be the killer app to find really great jobs and awesome people. 🤔🤩

what is the difference feature-wise between LinkedIn and a "macroblogging" platform like Friendica? Maybe an advanced profile description (=CV) and related searching capabilities? Something else?

@paula Something like Craigslist or for Germans: eBay Kleinanzeigen

@sozialwelten Oh yeah, forgot that.
For Austrians there is Willhaben, which of course is not federated, but is already really good.

@paula Isn't PixelFed a replacement for Flickr already?


Since by default you can't upload pictures in full HD and you also can't upload many pictures at once, I'd say no.

@paula Interesting, I didn't know about these limitations (don't actually use PixelFed myself). I would assume these are just “default instance settings” rather than something intrinsically limited at the platform level, though? Meaning: could someone set up a PixelFed instance where the original photos are preserved and upload limits are lifted just by changing some configuration parameters?

@oblomov The max image size can be changed at instance level, but last time I checked that didn't really work for very large pictures.

About multiple images: I misspoke. You can upload multiple images in one post and you can change how many at instance level. What you can't do is upload multiple images at once with one post per image.
And scrolling through the images in a Pixelfed post is not as smooth as in a Flickr album.

But yeah, it would probably be possible to fork Pixelfed to create a Flickr replacement.

@paula In the mean time I've discovered that apparently PeerPx aims at being a Flickr alternative. Still work-in-progress though.

We are enjoying reading that list and realising the Fediverse already does all that stuff, minus some authentication noone really asked for.


@kitkat I know Matrix but I didn't know Element. It is not part of the Fediverse though, is it?

@ohne_sonne Element is an alternative to Discord, and it's backend is federated like Mastodon

Define "part of the Fediverse", then I can can answer your question :)

@kitkat I am not entirely sure myself, but if I understood correctly, the fediverse is a federation services working together, each of them being a federation of instances. Meaning they practically works in the same ecosystem, we can use the same account for all the services, etc... am I correct? Is Element part of that or is it a completely separated service ? (does it sounds like I am lost? because I am sorry 😅)

@ohne_sonne @kitkat In fact, Element IS Matrix. More precisely, it's one of Matrix frontends (Yes, Matrix has a lot of instances, AND several frontends. Element is the most used of them)

@paula for others I don't know. But for LinkedIn, I'm pretty sure we don't want an other social network of hell 😂

@paula The social media that comes to my mind would be DeviantArt and yes, while you can use PixelFed to post your arts, PixelFed is more for publishing photos. I feel that it should have a Fediverse replacement for DeviantArt because there aren't many suitable art platforms for hobbyist artists like me. Artstation is more for professionals, so nope.

The Fedi alternative for DA could have some features like critiques so people can give criticism to your arts so you know how it can be improved.

You say "PixelFed is more for publishing photos", what is the difference feature-wise?
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