What are you willing to do for the ?

multiple choice


What do you think will save the ?

multiple choice

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@paula Dont't believe we could reach communism through voting. There would always be counter-revolution, as history has shown us.

@paula I do not think, we can prevent climate change. A soapstone oven is getting for some time hotter even if you stop putting fuel inside. And we don't seem to stop right now.
But we can learn to coop with that. Help developing habitable ecosystems.

@Sibylle @paula this is true. were we to go carbon neutral or even negative today we would still face untold devastation trough pure inertia.

it is mostly a question of just how bad we are willing to let things get

Voted 'nothing', because it is too late for 'saving' the climate.
All of the others may help to increased mitigation and quicker adaptation, though, so let's go for all of them if needed, in due sequence...

@paula my other is supply chain disruptions caused by weather related disasters (and protests, strikes, and revolutions) rendering it impossible to rebuild polluting equipment

Democracy might work if the old people most wedded to exclusionary housing forcing car centric cities and suburbs would die off

@paula My answer for "Other, see reply" is : "slow down all we do", starting with "working for producing (non essential) goods", and "consuming less of ready-quick-made-stuff". But, this needs the system to shift, as we are tighten to it, at some end.

I didn’t check "protetsts/strikes" as I don’t think it will bring the change. I really hesitated for "revolution", because I feel it might be unavoidable, but I feel it can flip from desirable results, to terrible outcome, without knowing before.

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