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Hello! Here's my .

I'm Isaac, Knowledge Manager at Lumin, a startup based in the US.

Outside of work, I enjoy video games (, , and ). I also enjoy , , and playing with my kids (3y & 6mo).

Hey, this is cool. 38 people already joined this server in less than 24 hours.
Why don't you all write an using hashtags with your interests? That way other people with similar interests can find you.
Have fun on! 😃

Wie können unsere Inhalte barrierefreie werden?

Wir wollen möglichst vielen Menschen möglichst einfach ermöglichen unsere Inhalte zu sehen, zu lesen oder zu hören.
Worauf wir achten:
- Bildbeschreibungen
- Untertitel
- Einsatz von Smileys
- CamelCase bei Hashtags
Worüber wir uns gerade Gedanken machen:
- leichte Sprache
- Content Warnings

Habt ihr Verbesserungsvorschläge an dem was wir bisher machen? Was sollten wir noch tun? Gerne auch zu Website, Podcast etc.

I’ll just throw in a post here. Climate Justice now!! is underway and I’m 1000% sure they’re still serving meat, all of the leaders took private jets, and…I wish this was a joke, but check out the world’s biggest plastic polluter in action!


Welcome to this official Fediverse instance for climate justice activists.

There is also: for climatejustice groups for picture-posts

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